I get it, you’re busy.

But that’s no excuse for not utilizing one of the easiest, and fastest ways you could be getting better rates on each of your shipments!

RateShare is one of those advanced features you don’t get from free transportation management systems.  It’s more than just finding the lowest rates from your current carriers, displayed in an easy to navigate dashboard.


Your carriers need to cover their costs, pay their people, and still try to hit their own revenue targets.  No one can blame them for that.

It does mean, though, that not all carriers operate at the same rate for the same shipping lane at any given time.  While you may have contracts with carriers you’ve negotiated with, there’s nothing to say there isn’t another carrier in that same lane who is able to do it at a lower rate.

That’s where RateShare comes in.

It’s access to carriers you don’t currently have contracts with.  You don’t have to search for them, call them up, or negotiate contracts before you can get access to the better rates that you see on your screen.  You just book through your portal the exact same way you normally would.

Available trucks and the rates change all the time.  That’s why you use a transportation management system to manage your carrier relationships and find rates in an efficient, timely fashion.

You don’t have to limit yourself to only the carriers you have contracts with, though.

Which means you might find a carrier that provides you with a better profit margin in your current lanes.  You can still choose to use the carriers you’ve established a relationship with – or you can get the lower rate from somewhere else.

Even better – it could mean that you can source competitive rates in lanes you couldn’t compete in before.  If your carrier can’t offer competitive rates for a geographical region outside of their main area, there’s no reason for you not to find a carrier that can.  And that’s what Rateshare is there for.

Simply put, RateShare provides access to a marketplace within BrokerWare™ to buy or sell LTL rates.


Yes – you could sell your LTL rates (and your built in margins) to others within the BrokerWare™ ecosystem.  An entirely new stream of revenue and you barely need to lift a finger.

When other brokers use your rates, you still make your margin from that shipment, even if you didn’t have anything to do with the customer, shipment, or management.

How’s that for an easy way to increase revenue?

It’s not complicated.

Either way, whether you’re buying or selling a rate, you’re increasing your profits.

You can’t lose.

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