It may seem obvious, but when you’re booking your freight shipments or coordinating shipments for clients, the carriers you use need to be insured.  They need to be insured for more money and more contingencies than your average car, and you also need to confirm their insurance (or liability) in the event something happens to […]

2017 is less than two short weeks away – and third party logistics is facing a potentially transformative year. A new president always has an impact on the economy, especially the first year, and there are major technological changes on the horizon.  Self-driving trucks are the major disruptive technology that’s easy to talk about, but […]

Lean supply chain management is all the rage these days. We’ve been blogging a lot about efficiency lately, and for good reason — a powerful transportation management system (TMS) is critical to making sure that, as a broker, you’re efficient. That’s what the idea behind creating a lean supply chain is all about. Lean equals efficient. […]

The truth about truck transport today is that freight brokers are not a fringe group, they’re not on their way out (though some would tell us otherwise), and they’re not a tiny fraction of trucking. The truth is, freight brokerage is a critical component of trucking in North America today. However, you might get the […]