Brokerware Updates April 16th 2019

Release Notes

  • New Developments
    • New theme added “Ruby Sapphire”
    • You can now place clients “On Hold”
    • This feature prevents staff and customers from booking or quoting shipments within the platform.
    • You can no easily configure customer specific pricing XML accounts when adding a carrier to a customer tariff.
    • Dashboard reports have been added for sales based users to display their top profitable clients along with all shipments currently being moved.
    • You can now mark shipments as “Missed” or “Needs Follow Up” from the Confirm Pickups screen.
    • You can now mark shipments “Out for Delivery” from the In Transit screen
    • You now have the ability to move the order of shipment stops directly on the shipment profile.
    • Oak Harbor rating is now available.
    • Added a new field when confirming deliveries “Confirmed By”.
    • You now have the ability to choose whether or not you would like a product to be saved to the clients product catalog directly within the create shipment page.
    • Separate labels will now generate for each individual carrier on a load profile.
  • System Changes
    • Customers that have been put “On Hold” now display separately from your “Active” customers.
    • Customers address book now paginates so that all customer address data is not displayed on a single screen.
    • The customer tracking screen now defaults to “All Shipments” when you first visit the page.
    • SCAC validation added to the “Create Carrier” page.
    • You now have the ability to edit lane data on the Opportunities page.
    • Invoice printing will now send PDFs.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Resolved an issue impacting times on invoice documents.
    • Resolved an issue impacting profitability reports for sales staff.
    • Resolved an issue impacting the “Audit Commissions” report.
    • Resolved an issue impacting “Send Docs” from sending emails out in the event you had multiple emails in the request.
    • Resolved an issue impacting the WWEX integration preventing rates from pulling in the event the description of a commodity was left blank.

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