You’ve probably heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder”.

You also probably apply that to quite a few aspects of your life.

That kind of thinking applies to freight brokerages, too.  Particularly when it comes to managing your truckloads.

The more successful your business, the more truckloads you’re managing at any point in time.  And to keep your business successful, those truckloads have to be transported without a hitch, and you need to provide up to date tracking information for your customers.

For many brokerages, a truly adaptable, easy to use system is the stuff of dreams.  It’s wishful thinking on the CEO’s part that a system exists that can allow the team to easily manage truckloads (along with a slew of other capabilities) in a single dashboard.


You could manage all of your shipments – less than truckload as well as full truckload – from a single tool.  Forget having dozens of windows open, forget trying to remember the right buttons to click, and imagine one portal containing all of the information you need.That tool, of course, is BrokerWare™.

Your team can log in and monitor your truckloads from the portal, or you can set up a portal for your customers to log in and monitor their shipments themselves.

It’s easy, it’s efficient, and it’s certainly working smarter rather than harder.

Your team can manage the truckloads they’re responsible for effectively, and your business overall benefits from the improved efficiency.

Greater efficiency means improved profit margins – and when are those ever a bad thing?


Improving the way you manage your truckloads might seem like something you can get to later on, when you have more time to think about it.  Maybe the way you’re doing it now could be improved without using new software or trying a new process.

The thing is, because you’re working inefficiently, you don’t even have time to find a better way of doing things.

By trying to find the cheapest possible way to manage your truckloads, you’re running the risk of being penny wise and pound foolish.  All those convoluted tricks and processes your team has to go through in order to find invoices, bills of lading, documentation, and the tracking information for the truckloads themselves, are all costing your team something incredibly valuable:


Wasted time is the biggest loss of potential revenue for a majority of businesses.  There’s hundreds, if not thousands of articles about how big of an impact wasted time has on the productivity of your employees.

One topic that’s been discussed in the past year is the cost of switching tasks – switching between windows and handling multiple tasks at once.

We’re not saying that a single portal is going to solve all of your productivity issues, but by making the entire process more efficient, you do cut down on that wasted time significantly.

One portal.  All the information in one place.  Less wasted time.

Get it for yourself – answer a few questions below for a demo.

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