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Why BrokerWare?

The easiest TMS on the market.

Cloud based and accessible anywhere that you are, BrokerWare is the solution that solves the issues that many 3PLs face.

Generating quotes is just one part of what keeps your business running. You also need to dispatch your fleet, find the lowest rates for your clients (but still maintain your margins), manage carriers and shipping lanes, oh – and you can’t forget accounting. Invoicing, billing, along with all the documentation for each shipment you manage – keeping up on a thousand moving parts is a daunting task.

BrokerWare makes it simple. One place to log in, and see everything you need to keep your freight brokerage running smoothly – and profitably.

Other systems always seem to have most of what you need – but they never quite have the full suite of features that your brokerage needs to scale.

If you’re tired of patching together solutions from multiple pieces of software, it’s time to look at the transportation management system that’s truly an all in one, complete system.

All the Features Your 3PL Needs:

Multiple access levels available, allowing you to customize permissions to meet your company’s specific structure needs.

  • Admin
  • Manager
  • Operations
  • Accounting
  • Sales

Offer multiple access levels for your clients:

Grant your clients admin or operations permissions, as needed.

Or utilize the Vendor Access feature – which lets your clients offer an ordering portal for their own customers to log in and place orders.

Does your current TMS let you do that?

All the tools you need to manage your carrier relationships in one place.

  • Tariff Management
  • Contact Information & Management
  • Address Books
  • Insurance Information
  • Supplementals
  • Reporting

Everything you need to know about your carriers, in one dashboard.

BrokerWare provides an easy to use, user-friendly way to manage loads along their entire path from quote to delivery.

Easily (and simply) request a quote, book a shipment, generate labels, dispatch loads, and see proof of delivery.

It’s also possible to automate the entire process through the utilization of EDI or Web Services.  BrokerWare can be adapted to any use case.

Build custom reports to analyze anything recorded within the BrokerWare system.  If you’re recording data, it can be used in a custom report.

Easily drag and drop to make the reports look exactly as you need to present to managers, board members, or clients.

Customize reports specifically for your customers, your staff, or simply to review the performance of specific shipments.

Configure tariffs utilizing SMC3 or Web Service based technology:

  • SMC3 provides base modules that allow you to customize and configure tariffs around them
  • Web Services are direct links to the carriers’ website, which will pull back rates based off of your user credentials and accounts numbers – in real time. 

Make your dispatching more efficient than ever through electronic dispatching: this allows you to tender shipments through your carrier’s web service, and automatically receive a pickup number in return.

Track shipments in real time using your carrier’s web services.

No more calling and waiting for updates, or logging in to each carrier to determine the status of particular shipments any time a customer calls.

Just log in and view shipment data.

Transportation Management, made easy.

Tired of having to get every single document faxed or mailed to you?

Use Electronic Document Retrieval to automatically pull back available documents through the carrier’s website.

These documents will display on your load profiles within the platform.

  • EDI 204 is used to tender a load to a carrier or into the BrokerWare platform.
  • EDI 210 can be received by the carrier or utilized to invoice a customer.
  • EDI 214 is a tracking & tracing file that will be received by the carrier to update a shipment profile on its current status.

We currently are integrated with the following major load boards:

  • DAT 360
  • 123Loadboard
  • GetLoaded
  • Internet Truck Stop
  • Post Everywhere

Need to get your freight listed?  Post to all of them simultaneously, or view available loads in a single dashboard.


Our accounting integrations are fully integrated into BrokerWare utilizing a sync between both platforms. This prevents the user from having to double enter information.  Save time, save money.

Current accounting platforms integrated are listed below:

  • QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks Online
  • MAS 200

BrokerWare offers an API that will allow your clients to integrate directly into the platform which allows them to access features without ever having to login.

This is beneficial in the event your client is utilizing an ERP, SAP, E-Com Site or similar system.

Below are the current features of our API:

  • Rating
    • Our rating API will allow the user to pull back rates in live time out of BrokerWare into any platform they wish.
  • Create Shipment
    • The create shipment portion of the API will allow the user to create shipments back into the BrokerWare platform from their system.
  • Dispatching
  • Tracking & Tracing

We offer integrations with mileage calculator platforms that will automatically populate miles on a shipment.

Below are the current integrations we offer

  • Promiles
  • PC Miler
  • Truck Miles

Insurance integrations allow the user to keep track of carrier insurance and confirm that they still have authority to operate.

Below are the current integrations that we offer

  • SaferWatch
  • CarrierWatch

See for yourself – watch the video below for a quick demonstration of how to get a rate from within the customer portal.

Tired of making do with the same lousy software your business has been using for the past year (or more)?

Talk to us to find out what it could be like for your freight brokerage to work with a modern transportation management software.  Enter your information below to request a demo:

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