3PL Clients,

We have an update planned for the evening of February 20th beginning at 9:00 PM PST. Your service will not be interrupted during this time. Please see below for a list of items that will be included.

Bug Fixes

  • Bill To – This issue was preventing the proper bill to information from being selected when selecting a cost from the LCR.
  • Revisions – Resolved an issue with the revision number on invoices doubling each time a revision was made to an invoice. The revision number should now go up in chronological order.
  • Credit Card Payments – Resolved an issue preventing you from paying multiple client invoices from the client statement screen.
  • Edit Stops – Resolved an issue preventing the Consignee from properly displaying on the BOL when you delete or edit a previous stop from a shipment.
  • Updated the ODFL Rating web services to their latest release. Rates should now pull back as intended.
  • XML Tariff – The “Bill To” link should now display again on XML tariff profiles.
  • Other misc. bugs resolved.

System Changes

  • We’ve updated the “Submit Request” hyperlink to take you to our new ticket management system.
  • Added a new “Help” link that will redirect you to our demo video list of the system under “Support.”

New Development

  • Added FedEx priority rating to the system. FedEx will now display economy and priority rates on the LCR.
  • FedEx now supports customer specific pricing.

If you have any questions on the above items please contact Support@3plsystems.com

Thank you!
~3PL Systems Team