System Update Notes | September 18th, 2015

New Releases

  • XML Service Lane Rating
    • You now have the ability to mark up rates based off State to State or Zip to Zip criteria. This gives you the ability to change the markup of your rates based off specific areas within your tariff.
  • Enhanced Report Builder
    • There is an all new user friendly report builder now available within the system. Please reach out to the support team to have this new feature enabled.
  • PC Miler
    • We’ve updated our API with PC Miler to the latest edition of available by ALK.
  • ESTES E-Dispatching
    • ESTES E-Dispatching has now been added into BrokerWare.
  • Lane History
    • You can now search Lane History from the home screen of the portal under “Manager Tools.”

Changes to the System

  • DOT Number
    • The MC (Motor Carrier) Number has been updated to display as DOT/MC # within BrokerWare.


If you have any questions on the above items please contact

Thank you!
~3PL Systems Team