Brokerware Updates February 20th, 2019

Release Notes

  • New Developments
    • Added clear descriptions to all guaranteed rates to inform the user of when they are guaranteed by.
    • Added a new Active/Disabled filter to the customer contact list.
    • Added a new feature to test whether or not a carrier SCAC exists within the system when adding a new carrier.
  • Bug Fixes/Changes
    • Added pagination to region pages to prevent an overwhelming amoount of data from showing on one screen.
    • The global search bar will now begin searching for data after three characters rather than four.
    • Resolved an issue preventing the user from being able to delete “Bill To” information in the event it was in use.
    • Misc. navigation changes to make the user experience more pleasurable.
    • Made a change to the shipment profile and shipment documents to show pallet count and piece count properly based on the inputted values.

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