Brokerware Updates March 5th, 2019

Release Notes

  • New Developments
    • RR Donnelly DLS automated API Tracking & Tracing is now available. This integration will automatically move the loads that have been tendered to DLS throughout the system.
    • UPS API Electronic Dispatching is now available.
    • Added an action button that quickly allows you to assign a carrier to a shipment to the volume screen.
    • Added MC # as a filterable field on the shipment volume screen.
    • PO Number has been added to the BOL.
    • Made a change to “Shipment Mode” on the create shipment form to default to “Not Specified”. This will encourage the user to select the proper mode when creating a shipment.
    • Added EST. Delivery Date to the dispatch sheet.
    • Added two new columns to the AR Invoicing Screen that will display whether or not a POD/BOL has been uploaded for a given shipment. These same two columns will alert the user if the customer requires them or not.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Order all lists alpha/numerically.
    • Resolved an issue impacting the commissions portion of a load profile displaying only sales staff members rather than all staff members.
    • Updated the text “TL” to “Truckload” to resolve a filter issue with smart tables.

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