The 9 Benefits of Using Freight Broker Software

Transporting items around the United States is a big and growing industry. Today, there are about 12 million rail cars, locomotives, vessels of different kinds, and trucks in the American transportation network. Many people who manage companies that handle shipment tracking integrations use freight broker software to keep everything running smoothly. Here are some of the benefits of using the right transportation broker software:

  1. The right freight broker software can make sure the right carrier for the goods being moved. Good software applications can look at all of the carrier rates that have been entered into your system. This can make it easy for you to move your products in the most cost-effective way possible.
  2. You can create custom reports. When you are looking to qualify the efficiency and efficacy of your plans to move your products around the nation and even the world, it is helpful to compile the pertinent data into easy to read reports. The right software packages will allow you to do just that.
  3. The right software package can help you determine and alter your rates. Carrier rates can be increased by a percentage or by a set amount. The right software package will allow you to important new rates into your system. The right freight broker software will allow you to take care of this quickly and easily.
  4. The software should allow you to link your warehouses with your client software. This can make it possible to see, in real time, where each of your shipments is. This can also let your clients do the same thing. People are often put at ease when they can see the progress being made by their products.
  5. Your software should allow you to reconcile all of your accounts. Many business owners and managers rely on their eyes to spot any discrepancies in pricing. In addition to this being a very labor-intensive process, it is also not, by far, the most efficient or effective way to handle this kind of work. Using freight broker software to put red flags on problematic billing issues, you will get a far more accurate picture of what is going on than if you try to accomplish this all by hand.
  6. Your software package can compare the proposals from prospective carriers with the ones you already use. It can take a lot of time to review and conduct an analysis on the carriers you are using currently with any proposals you receive from carriers that want to do business with you. Your software can take in the details of the new proposals and compare the prices and consignments to the carriers you use already. This can help you determine the best carriers for your shipping needs.
  7. Your software produces updates for your clients. If your clients provide you with their cell phone number or email address, you can have your freight broker software send them updates on their shipments as progress is made. These can go out at multiple steps along the way. When orders are dispatched, a carrier is selected, and as the shipment makes its way to its destination, your system can keep your clients updated.
  8. The right freight broker software with the software used by your carriers. Compatibility is crucial when it comes to labeling shipments and dealing with manifests. The right package will allow you to work with your carriers to take care of these tasks efficiently and in a timely manner.
  9. The software package you select need to come with decent customer support. No matter what software package you use and what its purpose is, you need to have someone you can call if you have issues with it. This principle applies to packages such as Microsoft Office and the software you use for your freight business. Having a good customer service team working with you can give you a lot more peace of mind and makes using the software a lot easier.

In today’s world, success in any kind of business can be only achieved when the right computer software is used. This is even truer when it comes to getting a freight broker software package. These systems can help you run a more efficient business and make your clients happier with your services.