The Top 6 Reasons To Use Online Freight Broker Software

In our increasingly globalized world, shipping is an absolutely prolific industry. The timely and consistent movement of services is the lifeblood of our economy. For many companies, shipping can be one of the most essential, yet also the most complex, issues to tackle. Factors to consider include whether the order is a TL or an LTL shipment or intermodal, the budget and deadline for the shipment, the shipment’s durability or fragility, and more. When companies inevitably turn to third-party logistics, or 3PL, to handle these nuanced challenges, the freight broker must now track the plethora of shipping details. As many brokers know, these details can accumulate fast—it is no wonder, as trucks alone transported nearly 15 billion tons of cargo in 2013. Estimates by the Bureau of Labor Statistics place that number at 18.79 billion tons by 2040. Factor in rail, air, and maritime transport, and the matter becomes hugely complex. Fortunately, the development of broker systems software makes freight management easier than ever. Here are the top 6 reasons why acquiring transportation broker software in 2019 is essential.

  1. Ability to track and manage various shipping types

    The brokerware by 3PL Systems can manage everything from LTL, TL, intermodal shipments, and more.

  2. System automates services with customers

    Brokers can use the software for everything from generating quotes for clients, booking and dispatching shipments, creating invoices, producing customized reports, etc.

  3. Constant updates

    The developers at 3PL Systems work tirelessly to make their product as elegant and efficient as possible. With a newly simplified dashboard, improved functionality, and integration of the latest technology stack, they have created a product that is truly competitive, and improving all the time.

  4. Provides control over experience from customer end

    The broker system gives customers a branded portal, through which they can track and rate shipments based on custom tariffs.

  5. Greater efficiency through elimination of redundancies

    The software easily prevents double entry by automatically syncing with the most popular accounting apps.

  6. Faster selection of carriers

    Find the perfect carriers faster than ever by removing unqualified ones from the search results.

According to a report by Transport Topics, the top freight brokerage of 2018 pulled in a net revenue over 10 billion. Increase your share of this massive industry, and invest in a digital broker system today. The quicker responsiveness and greater network that the software enables will soon pay for itself.