The Ins and Outs of MacroPoint and Why you Need It

If you work in the LTL market or drive trucks commercially, then you how demanding this industry can be. At worth around $35 billion dollars, the LTL market is clearly booming, and it is estimated that close to 6 million commercial vehicle drivers are present in the United States alone.

One thing is for certain – organization is a key component for having success in this industry. Close to 15 billion tons of cargo were transported back in 2013, and this number is only predicted to rise in the upcoming years, totaling over 18 billion tons by 2040.

Many customers are now requiring their truck drivers to use MacroPoint, so that they can easily route where their shipments are at. This excellent tool keeps LTL shipments better tracked, and it gives customers the peace of mind they deserve when waiting for important loads to arrive.

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What is MacroPoint?

With cargo thefts a prevalent thing in today’s society, tracking shipments is a must for many companies. In just the first three quarters of 2016, over 600 cargo theft-related incidents were reported. Because of this, many companies are looking for ways to keep a closer eye on their shipments and avoid occurrences of this nature.

MacroPoint helps significantly with this. It provides real-time updates, and it gives customers an estimated time of when their shipments should arrive. It also gives customers the ability to request specific delivery times to better suit their operations.

This technology helps immensely when it comes to managing LTL shipments, and it aids the trucking company, too, as customers will not be calling about where their shipments are on a constant basis. It saves everyone involved time, stress, and money.

Benefits of Using MacroPoint

  • It’s reliable. MacroPoint is meant to give customers the exact information as to where their shipment is. Striving for accurate ETAs and ensuring the products are where they are meant to be at any given time is a major company goal.
  • It’s secure. MacroPoint will never sell a company’s data, and they take privacy and security seriously. All networks are protected, and your information will only be used for tracking purposes.
  • It’s easy to use. No more navigating complicated websites. MacroPoint compiles all of the information a customer should need and puts in one easy-to-access location. It is simple, fast, and efficient.

Give Your Customers the Satisfaction They Deserve

For the best transportation management software available, rely on MacroPoint from start to finish. After all, your customers deserve the utmost satisfaction and reliability. It is an investment you will not regret.