Information Solutions: 3 Reasons To Use a Document Management System

With the revenue of the U.S. e-commerce industry passing up $423.3 billion recently, carriers of all kinds (Full truckload, less-than-truckload, or parcel) are having to adjust to the modernization of the industry. According to the president of SJ Consulting Group, Satish Jindel, 23% of all for-hire freight tonnage can be attributed to retail. Thus, the adaptation of the retail industry must extend to the freight industry, and to every freight broker, as about 5.9 million commercial motor vehicle drivers operate in the U.S. This amount of traffic and drivers shows the need for as much efficiency as possible. One piece of freight broker software that is very productive is document management software. Below is a list of reasons why you should use a document management system for your non-asset based freight brokerage company. It is a great form of transportation management software.

It De-clutters Your Warehouses

Many businesses keep their records in a cluttered storage room, taking up a bunch of space that could be used for other purposes. Imagine what could be done if all this space could be used to make your business more efficient. Not only this, but some companies buy or rent huge warehouses for all their records. Invoices, shipping manifests, driver’s logs, vehicle registration forms and tags, pay stubs, employee records and credentials, and many other types of records clutter up these huge warehouses and record rooms. Document management systems can help you de-clutter your warehouses and record rooms by allowing you to scan your documents, store them in folders in your computer. Then, the paper files can be destroyed, and the space can be used for other purposes. If your warehouse is rented, you can stop renting them, save the money, and will be able to use that money for other purposes. Imagine the possibilities!


When your freight broker records are kept in paper form in a bunch of file cabinets and boxes, it can take forever to find what you are looking for. In a large warehouse, you could take several hours rifling through boxes, records, and cabinets before getting anywhere. Once your files are scanned into a document management system, you will simply have to type a few keywords into a search bar to find the document you are looking for. Imagine what you could accomplish with all the extra time you and your employees will have.

File Safety

With traditional file storage methods, files can be stolen or lost. When scanned onto a hard drive, this ceases to be a problem, allowing your security team to do their job: keeping your employees safe.

Document management services are just one of the many services offered by 3PL systems operated out of California. Their Brokerware is very affordable and provides many services for your freight brokerage company. They are dedicated to “Creating a positive user experience for both the broker and their customers” It allows you to track all types of shipments, print all types of documents needed, and dispatch shipments among many other services. If you are a non-asset based freight broker, consider using the Brokerware software, as it does so much for your company, specifically as related to document management. 3PL systems is dedicated to making your life easier and helping your company run more efficiently. They have helped many companies in the past, and they can help yours too.