Brokerware Updates May 15th 2019

Release Notes

  • New Developments
    • New default in “Invoice Preferences” on the customer profile to hide any line item that has a “$0.00” value on the invoice.
    • Added a new printing option to the client profile called “Do Not Print”. This will prevent customer invoices from printing or being sent out via email.
    • Separated out Booked shipments that do not have a carrier and booked shipments that do have a carrier on them. You will now see a new tile on the home screen called “Booked – Not Covered”. The “Dispatch” title was changed to “Booked – Covered”.
    • Added Customer, Cost, and Billed columns to all tracking pages
    • New page added to the “EDI” dropdown called “EDI List”. This page will display all current EDI configurations within your system between you and your clients and/or carriers.
  • System Changes
    • You now have the capability of editing the privacy of notes on a shipment.
    • You can now remove carrier groups after they’ve been added on the carrier volume page.
    • Pallet dimensions have been added to the BOL
    • Added “Pickup Time” to the data transmission to DAT Loadboards.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Resolved an issue where the incorrect date/time and load ID being transmitted to MacroPoint.
    • Resolved an issue impacting hazmat from properly populating on the create shipment short form.
    • Resolved an issue preventing the PO number from saving
    • Resolved an issue preventing the “$” from showing in front of carrier cost or customer cost in the tracking grids.

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