EDI Handling With 3PL Systems

3PL Systems is happy to introduce a new tool to our users that allows them to quickly and easily integrate EDI with their customers and carriers. We have designed a tool that allows you to take any requested EDI configuration or customization and configure it within minutes of receiving the request. No more will you have to wait days, weeks, or even months for an EDI to go from a request made by you and your team to moving it in production. Instead, simply login to our user interface, choose the type of an EDI you wish to setup, make the edits to the EDI with our simple drag drop interface, and save it into production.

STEP 1: Configure your EDI Settings and Sending Protocol

STEP 2: Make the EDI modifications you need if it does not fall into the normal EDI schema you have chosen

STEP 3:Review the Sample Output

STEP 4: Move into Production

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Don’t let your TMS Provider hold you back by charging you an arm and a leg, giving you long timelines to configure EDI, or not do it at all. Our EDI configuration tool comes with your monthly subscription.

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Give us a call and find out more about our technology. 

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