Brokerware Updates September 13th 2019

Release Notes

  • New Developments
      • Billing Button
        • You now have the ability to bypass the LCR and shipment statuses from Quoted to Delivered and immediately create an invoice from the Book Form by using the “Billing & View” button.
      • Check All Button
        • Added a new checkbox that allows you to quickly select all records within the Audit Commissions, AR Invoicing, and AP Invoicing pages.
      • Automated Pro Numbers
        • Added a new feature that allows you to pre-populate pro numbers in the system which will automatically be used and populate on the shipment profile if the proper carriers are selected.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Resolved an issue preventing you from being able to highlight and copy text within the tracking tables.
    • Resolved an issue preventing you from being able to reinstate invoices from the shipment profile.


Included in this update are quite a few refactoring enhancements to increase the performance of the platform.


Do you want to see a new feature or enhancement to the system? Please reach out to us at!