Brokerware Updates October 10th 2019

Release Notes

  • New Developments
    • Worldwide Express
      • Pro numbers are now able to be pulled back in live time back from WWEX.
    • Updating Charges during In Transit, Delivered, and Delivered and Invoiced
      • You now have the ability to rerun the LCR to update rates in the event the carrier invoices do not match the charges within your system.
    • Export to Excel added to the AR Aging and AP Aging pages.
    • Reworked Customer Statements
      • Customer statements will now default to show all open customer invoices.
      • Balance Summary will now show totals for each past due data point.
    • Document Report Changes
      • Added “Pro Number” as a new column
      • If a load has all required pieces of information, it will automatically fall off the report.


  • Misc. Changes & Bug Fixes
    • Resolved an issue impacting SMC3 Volume rates from returning properly.
    • Reworked pages throughout the system to increase speed for large amounts of data.
    • Resolved an issue impacting the “Open Invoices” button when sending all open invoices from the Send Docs link within the customer profile.
    • Resolved an issue impacting minimum charges with South Eastern Freight.
    • Resolved an issue with the “Most Profitable Customers” chart not staying within its box.
    • Resolved an issue impacting tracking filters within the system.
    • Resolved an issue impacting the export to excel feature for customer shipment tracking. It will now include all shipments rather than only the first 100.
    • Billing & View button from the create shipment will now mark the shipment “Delivered”
    • Shipment COD will now display on the BOL regardless of whether or not a carrier is added to the shipment.
    • Resolved an issue preventing users from editing Excel documents after they had been exported.

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