Brokerware Update November 15th 2019

Release Notes

  • New Developments
      • Duplicate Pro Check
        • When entering a pro number on a shipment, the system will now alert you in the event the pro number entered is a duplicate.
      • Flagging of Missed Pickups & Needs Follow Up
        • New flags have been added to the tracking pages to display when a pickup has been missed or a shipment needs follow up.
      • Carrier Profile
        • You can now enter a separate mailing address on the carrier profile from their physical address.
      • Pay by Credit Card on Customer Statements
        • You and your customer can now pay shipments by credit card via the customer statement page using our payment processing partners.
      • Global Documents on Send Docs
        • You can now send global documents from the send docs page.
  • System Changes
    • Rate Quote Number added to the BOL
    • Create Invoice button will now hide itself without refreshing the page when creating an invoice on the shipment profile
    • We now log all accessorial changes in detail
    • In the event your product catalog does not contain information relating to Dims or weight, it will no longer write over information you have physically entered on the create shipment screen.
    • Added notes and cell phone number fields to the contacts page.
    • Shipment grids will now take up the entire page rather than only half the page.

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