Brokerware Update January 17th 2020

Release Notes

  • New Developments
    • Required Accessorials
      • You can now program required accessorials within the customer accessorials or tariff accessorials. If an accessorial is set to required, it will always be pulled.
  • System Changes
    • Credit Limit warning added to the shipment profile when the customer exceeds their credit limit.
    • Updated RIST API integration to work with the proper SCAC HWEP
    • Added the RIST logo to the LCR
    • Added the DLSW logo to the LCR
    • Added support for Hong Kong and Qatar
    • Added ‘Global Doc’ checkbox to document storage on the carrier profile. This essentially allows you to create a global carrier packet on the fly.
    • Added tracking of automatic shipment notifications which are stamped on the shipment notes page.
    • Changed LCL Air to LCL Ocean.
    • DAT will now show error messages directly to the user if something goes wrong with the API integration.
    • Added Pro Label field to the BOL

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