Brokerware Update January 31st 2020

  • New Developments
    • Electronic Document Retrieval
      • You now have the ability to enable/disable showing electronic documents to your customer. This setting can be found on the customer profile under ‘Preferences’
    • Added Required Accessorial support to API based tariffs
    • Added Hidden as a new accessorial type
      • This feature will hide the accessorial all together from being selected on the create shipment screens.
      • This feature will not apply to staff logins, only client logins.
    • Report Builder
      • Date/Time fields will now export properly
    • AR Invoicing Page
      • Added a button that allows you to put invoices ‘On Hold’ quickly which will disable the ‘Create Invoice’ button until the shipment is taken off ‘On Hold’.
    • New Tool: Data Import
      • Customer Data
      • Carrier Data
      • Address Book
      • Product Catalog

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