American Group Founding Story with Michael Schember

3PL Live sits down with, Mike Schember, long time 3PL Systems TMS customer American Group to talk about their founding Story.

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In this episode, I speak with Michael Schember of American Group about meeting his Co-Founder Daniel Krivickas at West Ex a YRC startup.

We learn that American group is up 100% YOY in Revenue during covid times. They have been shipping a lot of alcohol and PPE.

Mike wanted to better control his customer experience by paying for an invoice if needed by a carrier. Carriers have expense accounts for entertainment, but it’s harder to get an invoice waived if you’re a carrier sales rep.

In their early days, Schember and Krivickas would work in the kitchen with manual processes, a pen, paper, and phones in the early days. They created Bill of Ladings in Microsoft Word, but that wasn’t scalable. Six months in, they invested in 3PL Systems, a TMS.

They wanted to make sure they had a business before investing in software. American Group now has 32 full-time employees and 60 sales agents. I enjoyed speaking with Mike as he’s down to earth and a great business leader.