Brokerware V2 Update March 19th, 2021

New System Updates

  • Customer Defined Fields
    • You now have the ability to create custom fields on a per-customer level rather than on a global level. This feature can be found on the ‘Customer Profile’ under ‘Customer Tools’ labeled ‘Custom Ref Fields’.
  • 3PL Systems API Changes
    • New Document API
      • We’ve added a new endpoint that allows you or your customers to upload documents into the system without having to log in.
    • Create Shipment API Changes
      • New fields made available:
        • Shipment Status
          • Shipment status will allow your customer or team to select the status of the shipment when passing the shipment information into Brokerware.
        • Carrier Cost
          • You can now pass the carrier cost into the system along with the customer billed amounts.
        • Carrier SCAC
          • You can now assign a carrier to a shipment within the ‘Create Shipment’ API.
  • Global EDI 204 & 214 (Outbound) Functionality
    • EDI 204s (Load Tenders) and EDI 214s (Tracking Updates) can now be sent outbound out of the system for all shipments. This is typically used by companies that have two platforms managing their shipment data.
  • New Integration: Sensitech
    • Sensitech is a device-driven tracking platform that allows you to track shipments in live time within the system.
  • New Integration: 5 String Solutions
    • Added Rating and E-Dispatching to the system for 5 String Solutions.
  • Rail Support
    • Rail support has been added to the system. You can select this new shipment mode type from the shipment creation screen. Once selected, it will change the available fields on the page and provide the fields necessary to move Rail based shipments.

System Changes

  • Electronic BOL’s and POD’s will default to show to your customers when creating a new client account. This can be changed within the ‘Customer Preferences’ under ‘Customer Tools.’
  • ShipMind: Made City, State, and Zip fields required.
  • Customer Product List: The ‘Product Code’ has been added to the product catalog. Expanded the Product Description field to display more information.
  • Added multi-currency support to EDI 204s (Outbound).
  • Hubtran: Added ‘Quick Pay Fee’ support.
  • ‘Assigned To:’ will now automatically assigned to the individual who created the shipment.

Misc. Bug Fixes

  • ITS Onboarding
    • Resolved issues with data not saving to the Carrier Profile.
  • Banyan Integration
    • GFP labels are now pulling back and showing up properly within the application.
  • Forward Air
    • Resolved an issue preventing successful E-Dispatches to the carrier.
  • FourKites
    • Resolved an issue preventing the FourKites integration from passing all shipment data into their system.