Q1: 3PL Live Meeting Recap

Thank you to everyone that attended our first 3PL Live meeting on March 24th, 2021. We are excited about the future of our company and look forward to continuing to deliver great software to you and your team.

We have provided a recap of what was covered below:

Core Values


User-Specific Dashboards

Allow non-sales users to have customized dashboards that are specific only to loads that they are responsible for.

ShipMind New Updates

Full shipment automation platform. Remove the need for a human to perform every action of a shipment’s lifecycle.

3PL Live

Q2 Road Map – Coeus Era

We are super excited to announce the Ceous Era – focused on further automation, efficiency, and expanded functionality. As always, our customers have been instrumental in driving the future of our platform and we want to thank you for your constant input and feedback.
The staff and load efficiency reporting tool will provide both raw data and actionable insights to monitor how streamlined your operation is. Through our detailed reports, you will be able to see every manual touch and every automated touch, identifying potential bottlenecks that are slowing you down. The best part is that we plan on releasing an “Automation Audit” to help you better understand how to utilize our technology to achieve optimal efficiency.
Our mass rating tool will drastically improve your team’s ability to participate and respond to shippers during RFP season. Unlike our previous iteration, the new mass rating tool will allow you to rate (# of lines) against not only SMC3 tariffs, but also via API, and any custom tariffs. Simply upload your file, and let the program run in the background while you go about your day.
Many of our customers are currently consolidating multiple shipper’s commodities into one truck but are forced to work around 3PL Systems limitations in that area. We are excited to release full consolidated shipping support in Q2. Not only will you be able to handle multiple shippers on one master load, but the architecture will also help with all other multi-leg shipments.
A new permission level for carrier sales will provide our truckload customers with expanded functionality around managing their capacity teams. Instead of being forced to tie commissioned employees to a customer level, which is how it is today, our clients will be able to connect their brokers on either a carrier level or a load level to calculate their compensation and rate their performance.
We are completely revamping the way commissions are handled inside of 3PL Systems. While the current setup will remain as an option, we are adding the ability to handle multiple different commission plans. Whether your sales guys are on draws, revenue targets and percentages thereof, or a traditional margin split, our new commission structure should have you covered. Ideally, no matter how you calculate commissions, you will be able to calculate it directly within the application.



Parcel and air rating, booking, and tracking platform. Get access to FreightPal’s pre-negotiated rates or utilize their engine to plug in your own air and parcel contracts.
Contact Information:
Email: ops@freightpal.com
Website: www.freightpal.com

Hubtran Payables

Back-office automation and document processing/matching utilizing AI and OCR technologies. Increase your efficiency for carrier invoicing processing 4x.
Contact Information:

Name: David Cornwell
Phone: 630.346.6506
Email: dcornwell@hubtran.com
Website: www.hubtran.com

UPS Capital (InsureShield)

Apply insurance to your high-value shipments directly in 3PL Systems without ever having to leave the platform.
Contact Information:
Phone: 877.263.8772
Email: capitalus@ups.com
Website: www.upscapital.com

Project 44

Gain access to more LTL carriers for rating, dispatching, and tracking. You can also utilize their live-time visibility system for TL shipments.
Contact Information:
Contact: Josh Main
Email: jmain@project44.com
Website: www.project44.com

System Update Notes

Systems Update Notes As many of you have suggested, we will be publishing updates and releases directly on our site every Friday afternoon – please make sure to check in periodically to see if there is anything you can take advantage of. You can find our release notes here: https://3plsystems.com/blog/.