Brokerware V2 Update April 2nd, 2021

New System Updates

  • New Integration: Paperwise
    • Paperwise is a document repository system that utilizes OCR technology to map files automatically to the proper loads within Brokerware. Also, if you upload files within Brokerware, they will automatically map back to Paperwise.
  • Report Builder
    • Added ‘Has Received Payable’ as a selectable field.
    • Added ‘BOL Required’ as a selectable field.
    • Added ‘POD Required’ as a selectable field.
    • Added ‘Tariff Type’ as a selectable field.
  • Added ‘Residential Delivery’ support for Hercules rating API.
  • Added a new option to allow you to ‘Re-Invoice’ a shipment after it has been reinstated.
  • Resolved an issue impacting ‘Excessive Length’ rating with Hercules.
  • Resolved an issue preventing you from sorting by carrier under the ‘Delivered’ tile.
  • Resolved a rating issue preventing Best Overnite from rating properly when multiple commodities are passed on a shipment profile to their API.
  • Disabled customer contacts will no longer show as available contacts when sending documents from Brokerware.
  • Corrected accessorial mappings for Priority One Services.
  • Added date validation when creating invoices to prevent dates such as ‘0221-01-01’
  • Added further email validation within the application to prevent incorrect emails from being stored.
  • Added support for ‘New Zealand’ to the create shipment forms.