Brokerware Updates August 6th, 2021

New Release Notes

  • New Data Fields
    • Shipment References/Dispatch Fields
      • Dispatcher Name
      • Dispatcher Email
      • Dispatcher Phone
  • A new ‘Trashcan’ has been added to the ‘Edit Stops’ modal on the shipment profile to allow you to quickly clear the address information
  • ‘Receive Payables’ on the shipment profile will now display the carrier cost directly on the modal
  • Increased the data shown on AR/AP Aging reports from 10 records to 200 records
  • Invoice Late Fees
    • A new feature is available that will allow you to have automatic late fees applied to your client’s invoices based on a percentage that you configure under ‘Invoice Preferences’ under ‘Customer Tools’
  • Removed ‘Estimated Delivery Date’ from the BOL based on popular demand
  • Added ‘Bill of Lading Notes’ to the ‘CreateShipment’ 3PL API endpoint
  • Added XPO Delivery Appointment
  • Greatly improved on EDI 214 matching success rate
  • Updated the Dayton Freight API to automatically consider shipments that have a linear feet greater than 7 feet to be considered as ‘Excessive Length’
  • Updated the Truckstop Pay integration to automatically remove failed requests from the Truckstop Pay log after they have been resolved

Issues Resolved

  • Revamped the ‘Invoice Printing’ via Email to not timeout no matter the number of invoices
  • Clear Lane API accessorial issues are now resolved
  • Old Dominion API accessorial issues are now resolved
  • Resolved an issue impacting Hazmat shipments while rating volume shipments through SMC3 Rateware XL
  • Resolved an issue impacting Authorize.Net CC Processing
  • Resolved an issue impacting HubTran invoice creation within Brokerware