System Updates: January 3rd, 2022

New Updates:

  • Fixed issue with saving a carrier on the ‘Source Capacity’ page (previously known as Carriers Volume.)
  • Fixed an Internal Server Error when saving a carrier from RMIS Onboarding
  • System Logos and Remittance Information is now stored on an invoice level and will no longer be impacted if the system information is updated at a later date.
  • Fixed an issue with Midwest Motor API rating regarding accessorials
  • Fixed issue with SEFL API rating
  • Fixed issue with certain API carriers adding the ‘Guaranteed’ charge as a commodity
  • Fixed issue with tracking colors on the ‘In Transit’ page
  • Widened ‘System Alert’ message field while displaying on the dashboard
  • Fixed issue with passwords auto-filling on ‘Carrier Integrations’ page
  • Fixed issue with overwriting secondary carrier accessorials when saving a rate from the LCR
  • Fixed A Duie Pyle API rating issue
  • Added Freight Quote API ‘Dispatching’
  • Fixed issue with loading the ‘Quote Tracking’ page
  • Fixed issue with LCR not saving accessorial charges
  • Fixed issue for certain customers getting an error when creating a load from the Quote form
  • Other Misc. Fixes