System Updates January 14th, 2022

New System Release Notes:

  • Fixed Invoice Printing Issues
    • Paper print timing out
    • Email print failing to send invoices with POD/BOL attachments
  • RMIS Onboarding changes
    • Map factoring company if applicable
    • Map Total Liability fields in Insurance
    • Removes the carrier from the RMIS Onboarding page when you Add or Update that carrier
    • Carrier Update will put the carrier On Hold if the carrier is no longer certified
  • Added Freight Quote E-Dispatch support
  • Now shows Container Number field on the commodity line when the shipment is Ocean mode
  • Fixed In Transit tracking page’s Delivery Date Passed/Scheduled for Today/Future Shipment tracking colors to show correctly
    • Also fixed to correctly filter the loads when you click on those status types
  • Fix to not show carrier name on Customer Tracking page for Truckload shipments