Cameron Robertson on Standing Out Podcast!

If you’re in a leadership position, the conversation below between Trey Griggs and Cameron Robertson is worth checking out.

Griggs hosted an episode of the Standing Out podcast and asked Robertson some questions about leadership and culture within 3PL Systems.

Robertson mentioned that the tenure rate of a 3PL Systems employee is 5.5 years, whereas industry standards are two years or less. He credits starting at an entry-level position and working his way into the CEO role to better manage staff.

Robertson also mentioned a staff member that studied mechanical engineering in a lower-level support role. Robertson guided her into an engineering role where she now manages an engineering team. 3PL Systems also does team events such as trips to Disneyland and the Wild Animal Park in San Diego. The culture is a big reason people love working at 3PL Systems.

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Link to Standing Out Episode:

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