BrokerWare TMS Testimonial: Freightzy

Sean Freedman is a BrokerWare TMS customer, and he gave some thoughts on why you should consider 3PL Systems in freight brokerage software search.

Here are a few points Freedman makes:

BrokerWare TMS integrates with companies like Parade, Project44 and TriumphPay, and HubTran. It’s not a Frankenstein system where you handle different functions in different scenarios.

Self Service portals work exceptionally well; some clients like the autonomy of quoting their shipments, while others might want hand-holding.

The speed of the TMS is scalable and fast, making remote work accessible for collaboration.

Finally, 3PL Systems is on the pulse of where the industry is heading, continuously integrating with new partners such as Freight brokers can focus on freight, while 3PL Systems focuses on the technical side of the business.

3PL Systems Team