Customer Portal

Provide your customers with a branded portal to quote, book, and track shipments. Customers will be able to quote shipments in the LCR based off of whichever tariffs you have enabled on their customer profile. If the customer likes the price that they are given, they can think book a load directly from the portal, without having to contact the brokerage directly. You have the ability to allow your customers to handle shipments throughout their life cycle or lock it down to have your team take over after you customer has booked the shipment. However, with the customer portal, visibility into the shipment is provided as all of changes that are made on the staff side will be reflected and “mirrored” on a shipment profile that your customer has access to. Your customer will be able to access all documents, tracking information, and invoices directly from their own portal. We even offer chat integrations and payment processing integrations where your customer can pay you simply by logging in.