Dispatch & Operations

Transportation Broker Software for Dispatch & Operations

Brokerware is the ideal software choice for freight brokers everywhere. The key to running a successful business is creating a smooth and efficient operation. That’s why we have created our unique transportation broker software for complete cohesion between all operations. In the shipping industry, it’s especially vital to be on top of every important aspect to ensure the relationship between you and other parties remain on good terms. With our freight broker software, you will immediately have the ability to organize all of your shipment responsibilities onto one, comprehensive platform.

Handle both LTL and TL shipments with ease, managing the full life cycle of a load through one simple interface. Create quotes (using both contracted rates and spot quotes), book shipments, track loads, store notes, send documents (BOLs, labels, dispatch sheets, carrier agreements, etc.), upload and store important documents, create invoices, handle accounting needs, and more – all from one location! The order entry process with Brokerware is intuitive, making it easy for the broker and his team to work more efficiently and manage a higher volume of shipments.

Revolutionize the way you work with dispatch and operations. Contact us today.