Release Notes New Developments Shipment Notifications You can now manually add email addresses to shipments to receive shipment notifications during the create shipment process and on the shipment profile itself. Do you want to see a new feature or enhancement to the system? Please reach out to us at!  

Release Notes New Developments Report Builder Added country as a selectable column on shipment reports. Global Documents Added a new global documents page. ECHO Added support from electronic dispatching with ECHO. Worldwide Express Added Guaranteed Rate support   Misc. Changes & Bug Fixes Resolved an issue preventing ABF from rating. Resolved an issue preventing users […]

Release Notes New Developments Employee Activity List & Detail You can now review your employee’s activity as a manager or admin under “Manager Reports” European Support Brokerware now supports all European zips and provinces China Support Brokerware now supports China provinces Pay Bills Added a new accounting feature that allows you to pay carrier bills […]

Release Notes New Developments Global Product Catalog Added a Global Product Catalog that allows you to build-out a global product list that is made available to all of your customers. Global Address Book Added a Global Address Book that allows you to build-out a global address list that is made available to all of your […]

Release Notes New Developments Worldwide Express Pro numbers are now able to be pulled back in live time back from WWEX. Updating Charges during In Transit, Delivered, and Delivered and Invoiced You now have the ability to rerun the LCR to update rates in the event the carrier invoices do not match the charges within […]

Release Notes New Developments Default Shipper Numbers You can now store default shipper numbers on a customer profile that can be selected from a drop-down during shipment creation. Removed PO Number & Shipper Number Requirement We have removed the requirement of needing a PO Number or Shipper Number during shipment creation. Updated Tables to a […]