Brokerware Updates March 25th 2019

Release Notes

  • New Developments
      • Google Maps Integration
        • Added a Google icon to the shipment profile which will allow you to quickly view the address location for all stops on a shipment.
      • Customer “On Hold” Action
        • You can now place customers “On Hold” which will prevent them from being able to create a shipment until they are placed back into an active state.
      • New Note Types
        • Critical
        • Tracking
        • Carrier
      • Worldwide Express – Get Pro Number API
        • Integrated with the “Get Pro Number” API offered by Worldwide Express. It will not automatically populate the pro number on the shipment profile once it is made available by Worldwide Express.
      • New Report: Customer Shipment Summary
        • Added a new report to the customer profile that outlines the customers shipment history.
      • Hazmat Changes
        • You can now select the Hazmat UN Number, Hazmat Class, Packaging Group, and set a contact number for all Hazmat shipments.
  • System Changes
      • Profitability Report
        • Customer, carrier, and staff profitability reports have been changed to allow the user to drill into the information set.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Resolved an issue preventing YRC from rating in specific lanes.
    • Resolved an issue with ABF rating when LxWxH is 0
    • Resolved an issue impacting BOLs Shipment Value

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