Brokerware Update March 20th

New Development

  • Forward Air Integrations
    • API Electronic Dispatching
    • API Tracking & Tracing
  • DAT Onboarding
    • All fields for DAT Onboarding will now map to the carrier profile.
    • Carrier Equipment will map to the carrier equipment field and display what equipment types the carrier supports along with how many units they have of each.
  • Product Catalog
    • Increased allowed character limit to 150 for the description.
  • Resolved an issue impacting load numbers from properly displaying in the ‘Dispute Log’ export.
  • Audit New Commissions page will now display up to 1000 commissions on a single page up from 20.
  • Corrected invoice PDF file names to include the load number. If there are more than one invoice, the format will be ‘Invoices for (StartDate) – (EndDate).