Brokerware Update October 30th

Release Notes:

  • Note Logging for Group Changes on the Customer Profile Added
  • MC # Added to the dispatch sheet if it exists
  • Resolved an issue impacting Clear Lane rating
  • Added the Carrier Address on the Shipment Profile
  • Resolved an issue impacting Pitt Ohio E-Dispatching
  • Resolved an issue of ‘Temperature’ text displaying even though no temperature was entered on the Dispatch Sheet.
  • System will automatically generate an outbound EDI 990 if a shipment is created in Brokerware from an EDI 204. You can configure whether an EDI 204 comes into your system as Quoted or Booked in your customer preferences.
  • Resolved an issue with Equipment Filter Not working on Dashboard Tracking Tiles
  • Resolved an issue impacting the ability to save customer preferences in the event you have an EDI/API Code Entered
  • Added ‘On Time’ fields tied to the advanced On Time Reporting to the Carrier Volume page.