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Features Of Brokerware

BrokerWare is a web-based application that will increase the efficiency of your company. Our software offers many features that allow your business to run more efficiently and effectively, helping your company to grow and become more profitable!

Dispatch & Operations

Book, track, & dispatch shipments, create quotes, and store notes & important documents related to each shipment.

Customer Portal

Provide your customers with a branded portal to track and rate shipments based upon tariffs that you have created.

Increase Efficiency

Eliminate double entry with automatic synchronization to leading accounting apps such as QuickBooks, Quickbooks Online, and MAS 90.

XML & SMC Rating

Least cost routing allows you to optimize the least expensive and most reliable carrier without having to check carrier websites or make calls to source rates.

Carrier Selection

Shorten carrier research times and prevent them from displaying to your business when they do not meet your carrier qualifications.

Sales Portal

Allows the Sales Rep to create quotes, dispatch loads, & track shipments for their accounts. Your sales force can also access reports for tracking their shipments and commissions.


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