3PL Systems & Hubtran Webinar

Check out this webinar of Michael Sternberg Director of Sales at 3PL Systems in conjunction with our software partner David Cornwell Director of Sales at Hubtran. 


In our latest code release, BrokerWare version 2 accounting staff can process payables up to 4x faster by using process automation on routine manual tasks. A clerk processing 50 carrier email invoices a day can now handle 200!  

Hubtran Integration what is it?

It’s a payable integration platform that automates tedious back-office payable work. Hubtran uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Machine Learning to match the invoice from the carrier’s email to the load in BrokerWare and separates attachments to process payables in less than 15 seconds.

Contact 3PL Systems support to learn more.   

Brokerware Update March 27th

New Development

  • Major Release: Ship Mind (ALPHA BETA)
    • Ship Mind is a new tool that will automatically rate, dispatch, track, and invoice shipments without a user having to interact with the system. This will be shown in depth in our April user group meeting.
  • The modality filter has been added to the following pages:
    • Tracking Page: Quotes
    • Tracking Page: Booked Not Covered
    • Tracking Page: Confirm Pickups
    • Tracking Page: In Transit
    • Tracking Page: Delivered
    • Customer Transaction Detail
  • EDI Express logo added to the LCR
  • Resolved an issue impacting certain international zip codes from pulling data properly.
  • Many other misc changes and bug fixes were included in this update.

Brokerware Update March 20th

New Development

  • Forward Air Integrations
    • API Electronic Dispatching
    • API Tracking & Tracing
  • DAT Onboarding
    • All fields for DAT Onboarding will now map to the carrier profile.
    • Carrier Equipment will map to the carrier equipment field and display what equipment types the carrier supports along with how many units they have of each.
  • Product Catalog
    • Increased allowed character limit to 150 for the description.
  • Resolved an issue impacting load numbers from properly displaying in the ‘Dispute Log’ export.
  • Audit New Commissions page will now display up to 1000 commissions on a single page up from 20.
  • Corrected invoice PDF file names to include the load number. If there are more than one invoice, the format will be ‘Invoices for (StartDate) – (EndDate).

3PL Systems, Inc. : Covid-19 Business Contingency Plan

At 3PL systems, Inc. we are committed to providing our partners and customers with world-class support. We want to inform you of some changes that will take place in the coming days while Covid-19 continues to spread throughout the US.

We are in this together. We are continuously monitoring the situation surrounding Covid-19 and the impact it has on our personal lives, businesses, and people that rely on us. I’d like to ensure our clients that we are here and plan on supporting you and your businesses through the foreseeable difficult months ahead.

Brokerware will continue to stay online without impact as well as have continual support around the clock available to you. Below you will find what we have done to make sure we mitigate the impact to you and our staff during these difficult times.

  • All team members have been asked to work remotely until March 27th. At that time, the company will reevaluate the situation to make sure that it is safe for our employees to return to the office.
  • 3PL Systems has setup a virtual office to allow for all staff members to be able to continue to provide great service to our clients without impact. Our support team will be readily available for any phone calls or emails.
  • Our emergency support line will continue to stay online 24/7 and will not be impacted by Covid-19

We are here, we are focused, and we are doing everything in our power to assist you and your team through this difficult time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at 800.965.8205 or email our team directly at Support@3plsystems.com


Cameron Robertson

President & CEO of 3PL Systems, Inc.

Brokerware Update March 13th

New Development

  • XML API Tracking
    • You can now enable or disable API carrier tracking through the Carrier Integrations page.
  • Freight Pal is now integrated and available.
  • Emails sent from the system that are triggered manually by the user will be sent as themselves rather than the global system email.
  • Region Configuration Change
    • You can now quickly create large regions in the system by comma separating the data when adding a new region. I.E. 60606,10101,40404, etc…
  • Major system changes to improve overall system speed.
  • Consolidated Invoice numbers have been added to the customer statements.
  • Consolidated invoice numbers will now pull within the Report Builder tool.

Brokerware Update March 6th

New Developments

  • Rand McNally is now integrated and available.
  • Central Dispatch Loadboard is now integrated and available.
  • Added additional note stamps to the customer profile to keep a detailed audit log:
    • Customer Addresses
    • Customer Contacts
    • Comment Fields
  • Additional validation added to shipment commodities. If the user inputs bad data, the system will alert the user to correct it before they can proceed.
  • Fax Log under ‘Tools’
    • You can now review all faxes that were sent out of the system along with whether or not they were successful.
  • You can no longer create an invoice for a shipment if it is in dispute status.
  • MISC. System fixes and changes were included in this update.

Brokerware Update February 28th

  • New Developments
    • Faxage Integration
      • You can now send faxes out of the system from the client or shipment profiles.
    • Staff members can now change a payer up until the shipment has been invoiced. Once invoiced, only accounting and managers can change the payer.
    • MC Number added to the carrier profile.
      • If you have Carrier Watch or Safer Watch, it will automatically pull back the information from the provider and populate on the create carrier page.
    • The shipment profile has a new field called “Dispatched By”. This field will represent whoever actually dispatched the shipment to the carrier.
    • Carrier names will now link back to the carrier profile on the shipment volume screen.
    • Notes will now stamp properly when adding or removing carriers from the shipment profile page.
    • The system will now automatically validate that an est. Delivery Date takes place in the future and warns the user.
    • The ‘Volume’ button will automatically hide after a shipment is invoiced.
    • Tracking pages will now word-wrap the following fields:
      • PO Reference
      • Shipper Number
      • Pro Number
      • Pickup Number

Brokerware Update February 21st

  • New Developments
    • Invoice Printing
      • Invoice numbers are now hyperlinks and can be clicked on to open an invoice.
    • In Transit Tile
      • Added new filter ‘Needs Follow Up’
    • New Document Labels/Templates added to both staff and customer portals:
      • Fragile
      • Do not double stack
      • Top load only
      • Do not break shrink wrap
    • sFTP is now supported via Invoice Printing for EDI 210
    • Increased timeout for the LCR to 20 seconds. RIST at times takes longer to respond.
    • EDI Express API Integrated
      • Rating
    • SAIA
      • Added Protect from Freezing Accessorial
    • System Styles
      • Can now only be changed by system admins
    • AR Invoicing
      • Added Delivery Date column

Do you want to see a new feature or enhancement to the system? Please reach out to us at Support@3plsystems.com!

Brokerware Update February 14th

  • New Developments
    • Currency Conversion
      • Brokerware now supports currency conversion for any type of currency worldwide. This is configured on a per client or per carrier basis.
    • Quickbooks
      • Updated the API to pass the carrier name and factor name separately. If the carrier has a factor, it will be used as the primary remit to address and name.
    • Added ‘Shipper Number’ to all tracking tiles
    • Delivery Appointment is now supported by the XPO API
    • Added additional fields to Report Builder
      • Base Cost
        • Cost without the accessorials
      • Base Bill
        • Bill without the accessorails
      • Bill
        • Total bill amount
      • Cost
        • Total cost amount
      • Delivery Date
      • Estimated Delivery Date
      • Estimated Delivery Range
        • Start/End Dates
      • Last Private Note
      • Last Public Note
      • Margin
      • Pickup Date
      • Pickup Ready Time
      • Pickup Closing Time
      • Priority
      • Provider
      • Shipment Creation Date
      • All custom reference fields created by users
    • Added Change Payer permission to allow for operations to change the payer prior to the invoice being created. Once an invoice is created, only accounting and managers can make this change.
    • API Tracking & Tracing will automatically update and insert the pro number in the event it is provided by the carrier.
    • Invoice Printing
      • Invoice Number added to ‘Print History’
      • You can quickly re-add invoices from ‘Print History’ to be reprinted.
      • Sorting functionality added.
    • Office Location
      • You can now assign office locations on a per staff level. Office locations must first be created under the ‘Staff’ dropdown on the dashboard.
    • New Shipment Modes
      • Bulk
      • Auto
    • Customer Statements
      • Invoice Number will now open the actual invoice
    • Customer now have access to upload documents via the customer portal or shipment profile.

Do you want to see a new feature or enhancement to the system? Please reach out to us at Support@3plsystems.com!

Brokerware Update February 7th 2020

  • New Developments
    • API Tracking
      • Pickup Date will automatically populate based on what the carrier returns.
    • Default Shipment Mode
      • You can now set the default shipment mode on a per client basis within their preferences. I.E. If you would like shipments to default to ‘LTL’, this is selected from the dropdown under customer preferences.
    • Changed ‘Show E-Docs’ on the customer profile to include the following documents only:
      • BOL
      • Re-weigh
      • POD
    • Primary Sales Rep
      • You can now assign a primary sales rep to a given customer account. This is done through the ‘Commissions’ section under the customer profile.
    • Integrated the new Frontline E-Dispatch API
    • Full Military Time Support
      • Contact our support team to have military time enabled. This will default the entire system to show up as military time.
    • New Custom Reference Fields
      • This is configured under ‘Admin Tools’. It allows you to add new reference fields on the following pages:
        • Carrier Profiles
        • Customer Profiles
        • Shipment Profiles