project44 & 3PL Systems

We are pleased to announce our integration with project44 to bring 3PL Systems customers real-time visibility data for the supply chain.

Brokerware Updates July 30th, 2021

New Release Notes

  • New Account Sync
    • The new Brokerware accounting sync has finally been completed after many months of in-depth work. This sync resolves many of the headaches that you run up against in your day-to-day operations. Some of the primary sync errors are due to mismatched customers, carriers, AR invoices, and AP Invoices. Furthermore, it also previously required our team to log into your system to reinstall the sync tool anytime there was a change. This tool solves those issues and many more. Below you will find some of the new features included:
      • Features:
        • Customer Reconciliation:
          • This feature will automatically compare all of your customers within Brokerware vs all of your customers within your accounting system all at once. This will prevent current and future errors after your team have gone through the process of reviewing and mapping the data all at once.
        • Carrier Reconciliation:
          • This feature will automatically compare all of your carriers within Brokerware vs all of your carriers within your accounting system all at once. This will prevent current and future errors after your team have gone through the process of reviewing and mapping the data all at once.
        • AR Reconciliation:
          • This feature will compare all of your AR invoices within Brokerware vs all your AR invoices within your accounting system pointing out potential errors and things that may need your eyes to review.
        • AP Reconciliation:
          • This feature will compare all of your AP invoices within Brokerware vs all of your AP invoices within your accounting system pointing out potential errors and things that may need your eyes to review.
  • 3PL Systems API Changes & Additions:
  • New System Alert:
    • New alerts added to the AR and AP Invoicing screens will further alert your team that a duplicate pro number or invoice is being received for the same load.
  • LCR Spot Quote
    • Your team can now select a carrier rate and customize the customer quote directly from the LCR by utilizing the new ‘Spot Quote’ feature.

System Changes

  • Removed ‘Est. Delivery’ date from the BOL for shipments. This was removed due to a large amount of feedback of clients being incorrectly charged on ‘Guaranteed Delivery’ fees.
  • EDI 214 will now auto-match to shipments considered ‘Automated LTL’ after it is in dispatch status if not originated in an automated fashion.
  • Updated DAT Review to use ‘Est Linehaul Total’ if miles are under 250.
  • Zero dollar payables will no longer be included in the AP Export file.
  • Customer logins (your customer) can no longer edit/add addresses or cancel a shipment after the shipment has already been dispatched.
  • Changed the ‘Spot Quote’ feature on the LCR total to be read-only.
  • Added Averitt auth key support to the ‘Carrier Integrations’ page.

Issues Resolved

  • Resolved an issue surrounding ‘Tonnage Billing’ preventing it from rounding up to the nearest penny.
  • Resolved an issue surrounding ‘Edit Stops’ on the shipment profile preventing clients from swapping multiple stops on misc. shipments.
  • Rate Quote numbers will now once again pull for Midwest Motors.
  • Resolved an issue impacting Dayton electronic dispatching from working.
  • Resolved an issue impacting Averitt deficit weight.
  • An alert message has been added to warn your team if EDI 210 has not been setup for a payer in the event invoices are configured to send as EDI 210.

Brokerware Updates July 23rd, 2021

New Release Notes

  • Support has been added to Pre-Populated Pro numbers to add leading zeros.
  • New Penn Electronic Dispatching support has been added.
  • Added ‘Delivery Appointment’ accessorial support for Midwest Motor Express.
  • New System Theme Available: Azure
  • New Central Freight API:
    • Electronic Tracking
  • New New Penn API:
    • Electronic Dispatching

System Changes

  • Clicking outside of the shipment profile ‘Edit Address’ modal will now automatically close the modal.
  • A new error message will now display when there is a failure to updating the systems Est. Delivery Date or Pickup Date.
  • Increased the wait time for RIST rating API from 10 seconds to 30 seconds due to a slow response from their API.

Issues Resolved

  • Resolved an issue preventing ‘Cargo Cut-Off Date’ from matching your system configured time zone.
  • The system will no longer log a blank note in the event an EDI 204 is processed with a blank note.
  • Resolved an issue impacting the Averitt Rating API and the discount applied to each item.
  • Resolved an issue preventing Hercules transit times from populating properly.
  • Resolved an issue impacting UPS excessive length rating.
  • Resolved rating discrepancies with New Penn, Estes and YRC.
  • Resolved an issue impacting electronic dispatching to Pitt Ohio by providing the proper open and close time.

The Most Agile Transportation Management Software

Transportation Management Software (TMS) is at the core of most freight brokerage operations. TMS can rate shipments, dispatch loads, and use electronic tracking to give an Amazon experience to delight customers.

At 3PL Systems we like to build our TMS to innovate based on trends we are seeing in the market. Our software development team is agile delivering new software enhancements to solve real-world problems.  

The Premier LTL Rating Engine for Freight Brokers

Plug and play with up to 60 different carriers using 3PL Systems proprietary API for 60 different carriers for Less Than Truckload (LTL) rating, e-dispatching, tracking, and document retrieval.

No need to contact a support rep to set up these services simply plug in your credentials. We are constantly adding to this list as carriers develop this technology. We make freight brokerage easy.

New Feature Electronic Signatures

Running an efficient freight brokerage is key to being profitable. Give your shippers the convenience of electronically accepting your rate quote native in BrokerWare TMS. Say goodbye to printing, signing, scanning, uploading, and emailing back. Convenience is a competitive advantage.

We have the same ability for your carriers to accept your freight shipment via electronic signature. If you’re interested in learning more of the innovative features our engineers are working on contact us for a demo.

Q1: 3PL Live Meeting Recap

Thank you to everyone that attended our first 3PL Live meeting on March 24th, 2021. We are excited about the future of our company and look forward to continuing to deliver great software to you and your team.

We have provided a recap of what was covered below:

Core Values


User-Specific Dashboards

Allow non-sales users to have customized dashboards that are specific only to loads that they are responsible for.

ShipMind New Updates

Full shipment automation platform. Remove the need for a human to perform every action of a shipment’s lifecycle.

3PL Live

Q2 Road Map – Coeus Era

We are super excited to announce the Ceous Era – focused on further automation, efficiency, and expanded functionality. As always, our customers have been instrumental in driving the future of our platform and we want to thank you for your constant input and feedback.
The staff and load efficiency reporting tool will provide both raw data and actionable insights to monitor how streamlined your operation is. Through our detailed reports, you will be able to see every manual touch and every automated touch, identifying potential bottlenecks that are slowing you down. The best part is that we plan on releasing an “Automation Audit” to help you better understand how to utilize our technology to achieve optimal efficiency.
Our mass rating tool will drastically improve your team’s ability to participate and respond to shippers during RFP season. Unlike our previous iteration, the new mass rating tool will allow you to rate (# of lines) against not only SMC3 tariffs, but also via API, and any custom tariffs. Simply upload your file, and let the program run in the background while you go about your day.
Many of our customers are currently consolidating multiple shipper’s commodities into one truck but are forced to work around 3PL Systems limitations in that area. We are excited to release full consolidated shipping support in Q2. Not only will you be able to handle multiple shippers on one master load, but the architecture will also help with all other multi-leg shipments.
A new permission level for carrier sales will provide our truckload customers with expanded functionality around managing their capacity teams. Instead of being forced to tie commissioned employees to a customer level, which is how it is today, our clients will be able to connect their brokers on either a carrier level or a load level to calculate their compensation and rate their performance.
We are completely revamping the way commissions are handled inside of 3PL Systems. While the current setup will remain as an option, we are adding the ability to handle multiple different commission plans. Whether your sales guys are on draws, revenue targets and percentages thereof, or a traditional margin split, our new commission structure should have you covered. Ideally, no matter how you calculate commissions, you will be able to calculate it directly within the application.



Parcel and air rating, booking, and tracking platform. Get access to FreightPal’s pre-negotiated rates or utilize their engine to plug in your own air and parcel contracts.
Contact Information:

Hubtran Payables

Back-office automation and document processing/matching utilizing AI and OCR technologies. Increase your efficiency for carrier invoicing processing 4x.
Contact Information:

Name: David Cornwell
Phone: 630.346.6506

UPS Capital (InsureShield)

Apply insurance to your high-value shipments directly in 3PL Systems without ever having to leave the platform.
Contact Information:
Phone: 877.263.8772

Project 44

Gain access to more LTL carriers for rating, dispatching, and tracking. You can also utilize their live-time visibility system for TL shipments.
Contact Information:
Contact: Josh Main

System Update Notes

Systems Update Notes As many of you have suggested, we will be publishing updates and releases directly on our site every Friday afternoon – please make sure to check in periodically to see if there is anything you can take advantage of. You can find our release notes here:

Inside the World of FreightWaves with Craig Fuller

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It’s not every day we get to speak with a founder that’s innovating an entire industry. We were lucky enough to pick Craig Fuller’s brain learning all about the FreightWaves founding story.

We found out that Craig’s dad started U.S. Express, which Craig’s brother runs as the CEO with 10,000 + employees. Craig ended up working with his dad at one point on a payments venture which caused tensions within the Fuller family.

Craig got interested in markets day trading and came up with an idea to start FreightWaves by creating a data product and then covering topics in the freight market to give context to their data.

Craig’s dad initially didn’t invest in FreightWaves, but it came full circle when Craig got to interview his father Max on Fuller Speed Ahead. There’s a ton of learnings in this episode as Craig is a true pioneer in the logistics industry.

3PL Systems Team

Manifesting Reality with the Freight Coach

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3PL Systems is excited to share a new Episode of 3PL Live — with Chris Jolly The Freight Coach.

Host Jeremy Thone of 3PL Live got to know Chris and how he ended up coaching sales reps in the freight industry.

We learn that Chris doesn’t do second takes for his podcast, and he gives everything, all he’s got. We also talk about manifesting dreams into reality by putting clues out there. Chris’ intro music for his show is an affirmation of a successful future.

We hope you enjoy the show and please share if you enjoy our content.

Mastering Sales with Richard Harris

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In this episode of 3PL Live, host Jeremy Thone speaks with Richard Harris™ of The Harris Consulting group about the art of mastering inside sales.

Richard is one of the most influential sales leaders in the software industry with clients such as Google, Visa, and SalesLoft. He teaches sales reps how to ask the right questions at the right times.

We talk about impostor syndrome, sales automation programs, and mental health. Thanks for listening. We appreciate the support, and please share, like, and comment if you enjoyed it.

3PL Systems Team